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I apologize for my previous remark.

Howdy to any extraterrestrials out there. Welcome to planet Earth; we hope you enjoy your visit on Earth immensely. jim granade

Southern Technical Institute from which I graduated with a B.E.E.T and is now Southern Polytechnic State University has now become Kennesaw State University so I guess we are the Owls now instead of the Hornets.

Dont forget that it is very important to know that matter is not real if you want to be successful at science...

I am a Rosicrucian again but still a scientist.

I like flying airplanes and amateur radio. This link is my eQs l card..

In my testimony about the solar panels healing I remember working some with the fact that matter isnt real.

It is important to know matter is not real to make a demonstration. This seems to be very important in healing. .Matter is mortal mind a dream state. An unlimited number of things are possible. When using the treatment about all causation you may want to know that God governs. You may want to work with a sense of Justice.

Pictures from a recent visit I made to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

.Heres a little testimony about a healing I had. I had some solar panels each about 400 dollars apiece and about 205 watts a piece. One day I realized that somehow something set fire to about 3 of them. The roll of plastic I had put on these three was fused to the solar panels and was very black. This caused the panels to barely put out any power at all. Nothing would work to me the plastic and panels were one piece. I was trying the treatment about causation . Knowing matter was not real I decided to do this for my solar panels since what did I have to lose.I also destroyed the foe some with God. This is the best science has worked for me. I did this once a day for 5 days. One day about a week later the plastic on the panels begain to curl off and all I had to do is gather up the plastic out of the yard. Funny thing I lost my courage and took back and the plastic stop curling off the panels. I after a while decided not to take back a couple times more. The plastic started curling off the panels and is all gone now. I even got full output from my panels and I had a stove unit out for a year go back to working as if it never had a problem. I observed that to me the problem must have been a layer of bad matter which went away as I just said. I held to my understanding of Truth and Love a little. jim granade

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I never make any money on this page. Ha.

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Universal Studios new park and The Astronaut Hall of Fame in Fla I also went to a space museum in Titusville, Fla which was very interesting but have no pics from there. jim granade

First use the part of the treatment that goes all causation. Next holding to what you understand about both Truth and Love is the second part of the treatment in science. Just hold to your understanding since it may be better not to over do this. The belief being changed in the minds of all. Another thing you may need to defend yourself or whoever a little each day. Some people may not be where you see them but to their eyes I think they are.. Dont forget matter is not real in science. That means that mortal mind is matter. I noticed something interesting in the book mortal mind is gender. ha There is a reality that exists but it is a bit different from the matter we see and may be blah. It is simular with differences though. Matter is a dream state. I saw reality and it was perfect, adult size dreaming it was a small very young animal. It was ageless and most likely genderless and seemed happy it was a small pretty very young animal. Its legs were moving a little as it imagined it was jumping around as a young playful animal. How did I see it; I asked mortal mind to help me to see what something looked the way God makes it. This is different from what we see. A week or two later I suddenly got to see it for a short time. See there is a spiritual form and a physical body a creation already made by God and what is made by man.

Sometimes it may help to ask Jesus to help you with whatever is your problem.

Pictures from todays SPSU Bathtub Race and PigPickin. These 25 pictures from my facebook profile page.

Hi just thought I'd add a small testmony to my webpage today in hopes it may be of some help. I was working with God ,truth and love, when I had a real healing of my science understanding. It took about a week and suddenly I had a very good understanding of the science I had studied for years. I just truth and loved all people with God several times a day sometimes every hour and suddenly it was all very clear to me. I did this about whatever I was trying to have a healing . I hope this may be of some help to you.

Some may not have know that in 1975 I went back to Southern Tech and finished my degree in 1980 the name of the college now Southern Polytechnic State University I quit drinking alcohol and was and am still religious then and now. Here are two pictures of my two degrees. jim granade

My Associates Degree

My Bachelors Degree

In science it is important to know that what is called matter is not real. In one place in the science textbook it quotes a doctor saying somethng like God is nothing at all but a persons mind. Mind can change the evidence.

Once when I took fear out of my mind with God (Truth and Love) I found that I did not need to be cautious to be safe. When I let the fear return though it became wise to be cautious since it seemed that things could really happen quick and maybe violently. I hope I may have helped you with this information and testimony.

Two new links at the bottom of this page. Most recent link is my visit to Southern Poly Technic to see the old campus where I got my bachelors degree in electrical engineering technology. Also dont forget my pictures from my Georgia Aquarium visit; there is even a video.

Be sure and see my links and a link (Meta Café ) on how to build a nuclear reactor at bottom of page. Many now will work on your cellular phone.

Please call anytime if you are a friend or are interested in any of the topics I am or if you would like me to work for you in science to help you with some problem.

My pages are about everything from divine science to ufos, mental powers and outer space.

I hope to hear from you soon and hope if you need you can get my page on your cellular phone if you need to or would like to.

Jim Granade C.S.

Still believing in Jesus and God.

Pictures from recent Ga Aquarium Visit. These Pictures can be viewed on your cellular phone if you can get the web on your phone.

PIctures from my visit to Southern Poly Technic.

How to make a Nuclear Reactor from Meta Cafe


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