Once when I had been trying to make a demonstration
and it was taking a long time; I made this demonstration.

It seemed like I had been trying to make a demonstration for an awful
long time; I was bored and decided I needed to take a trip.

At that time I sometimes would use what I called ChristIan seeing.
I would work that God could see something for everyone like taking a

I liked flying so I worked with seeing that all people take a trip to them
to California; I lived in Georgia. I worked that God could see for all
people taking a trip to California flying there and back doing things
like I would enjoy etc.

I did this once a day for five days and then forgot about it.

It worked out in about one month that my dad and some of the rest of
my kin decided to take a trip to the Rose bowl parade in California.
We flew out there and stayed at my nieces place and  the Holiday in

To be blessed it is supposed to be good in science to bless others
and by causing a trip to be for all it should help you to cause yourself
to take one or something else.

I hope you have found this helpful.

Hoping you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jim Granade